Established in 1995, Future Primitives is a jewelry manufacturer and wholesale distributor of gold and platinum gemstone body jewelry.

Former Body Piercers Karen Hurt (Gauntlet, San Francisco from 1989 to 1995) and Geneva Ledlow (Forbidden Fruit, Austin, Texas from 1994 to 1999) are the heart and soul, brain and brawn, and zig and zag of Future Primitives.

Having worked as piercers and interacting with customers regarding jewelry selection, we were determined to make body jewelry that our customers (piercers and their clients) would fall in love with at first sight.

Based on customer feedback, we have very much succeeded.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Karen Hurt - Owner

Geneva Ledlow - Our Master Jeweler

Karen hurt and geneva ledlow

Karen Hurt and Geneva Ledlow


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